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FoodPencil is changing the baking/decorating industry with it's 100% edible, vegan, patent-pending and zero-waste pencil that draws on cookies and fondant. Made in the US and woman owned and operated, FoodPencil is used by professionals and home bakers alike. With colors launching soon, the FoodPencil is also a hit with schools, pre-schools and moms. The branding is clean, with a touch of whimsy and fun. Their marketing is focused on how to videos and brand awareness campaigns.
Vangeli's Bistro is a fine dining experience located in Seneca, SC. The menu is constantly changing to take advantage of local, in-season ingredients as well as to allow the owner and head chef creative freedom. A well-known, local gem, Vangeli's encourages patrons to "Elevate the Everyday". A winner of the 2022 Excellence Award from Wine Spectator, they feature an extensive wine list, along with custom cocktails.

Their brand voice is elegant yet approachable. Campaign work includes "Elevate the Everyday", "Big City Dining in a Small Town" and "The Only Thing That's Missing is You".
Dimas Brothers Cafe is located in Seneca, SC. They serve food "fresh and delicious, with a side of Southern charm". One of their claims to fame is that they serve breakfast AND lunch all day. So you can get french toast at 1 pm or a burger at 7 am!

Their brand voice is super friendly and humourous. Campaign work to highlight their new to-go and online ordering service includes "DBC-easy as 123", "Just Click, then Drive", and "On the go? Get it to go!" 

They were recently featured in Southern Living and have been highlighted numerous times in local magazines and news channels.
zorba's menu
Zorba's combines classic American cuisine (think burgers and fries) with a Greek infusion. This fun, playful brand features a mascot that encourages patrons to embrace the fun. The restaurant features a selfie section with a large plastic piece with the logo/mascot decal. Guests are invited to cheese, take pictures and share on social to win a Famous Hungry Greek sandwich plate. They also do many giveaways of the classic soda jerk hat complete with a fake mustache (see in merch piece) to encourage more joy and playfulness. 

CZA also created the menu names and helped to create see of the dishes. 
Co-owner, Jennafer had the pleasure of working on one of the Southeast's largest gas station chains. They have their own food/beverage line, as well as their own food and beverage lines (they are well known locally for their fried chicken). From in-store displays, loyalty cards, energy shots, flavored waters, and teas, to billboard campaigns and signage, this fun client gave her a lot of experience in graphic design, packaging as well as content generation.
A few Bojangles Billboards!


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