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Top 2023 logo trends

Are you looking for a rebrand in 2023?

Consider these logo design trends as outlined by industry leader, Adobe (full article here:

We have picked our favorite 3 trends and will showcase some of Creative Zin Agency's work that represents the trend!

While we do enjoy working with trends for companies that rebrand every 3 or so years, we encourage you to use a timeless style if you think you'll rebrand less often.

Also, you know we're BIG on being ballsy and standing out and that usually goes against the grain of trends. HOWEVER. Trends shouldn't be avoided at all costs and there are tons of other ways to stand out from the competition should you choose to go the trendy route in your logo design.

- You can use very different colors from what is industry standard.

- You stand out by being the face of your brand.

- You stand out in your brand voice and messaging.

And these are just a few examples!

Remember!! Your vibe attracts your tribe and this is totally true in branding and marketing. Be sure whatever style you choose for your visual brand represents you, your business, your mission and your values fully. Your visual brand should also be on trend to attract your target audience! If it doesn't appeal to them, it's all for naught! Need some help? Reach out to and let's see what we can do for you!

TREND 1: Hand-drawn

"Real life is unscripted, and an authentic way of exhibiting that with your business is by showcasing a hand-drawn logo. This trend has the ability to look unfinished in a romantic way and does far more to convey a brand’s aesthetic with the personality that imbues the drawing." according to Adobe.

TREND 2: Ornamental monograms

"Sometimes referred to as letter marks, monograms are logos that are a single decorative symbol made up of one to three letters. Monograms in the past have been rather institutional, but in recent times this classic logo has been given an ornamental spin that folds in additional layers, utilizing contrasting colors and typefaces for an expressive touch." says Adobe.

TREND 3: Logo mascots

"The design world is moving into the next year with a new cast of characters. Logo mascots — running the gamut from a simple doodle to a full personality — have been seen in doodle, cartoon illustration, and fully animated forms. Hop on this trend with a friend of your own in the templates below." - Adobe

Creative Zin's 2023 on trend logo work:

TREND 1: Hand-drawn

FoodPencil's logo fit's the hand drawn trend so well. Clean, but still fun with a little bit of whimsy.

TREND 2: Ornamental monograms

This logo combines the "P" and "F" while also representing carpet fibers woven together.

TREND 3: Logo mascots

Zorba's mascot is based on it's founder and master chef.

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